I still feel this is in draft format, but I am keen to get it online and share the magic.

This idea randomly came from a banking advert where it portrayed ‘Mummy’ as magic.  If i remember right the grand finale was getting money out of a hole in the wall – ha, what a let down!  Strangest moment in writing this was definitely Googling the plural of ‘Mummy’.  For some reason ‘Mummies’ made me think of the wrapped ones and it just didn’t look right, turns out I was wrong and ‘Mummies’ is correct but it got my brain thinking about the collective noun for Mummy.  I can think of several that would certainly be incorrect but rather funny – maybe another day…or even another story!

My Mummy is Magic is a book that celebrates all that is good and scummy about Mummies (apologies if this is grammatically incorrect!).  It’s just one of those feel good stories.  It was fun thinking about all the things that would appear to be magic to a child watching their Mother.  Interestedly while I often thought of myself as ‘Mummy’ it was more my own memories of childhood and indeed my own Mother that contributed to this.


I would have liked to find a better picture as the icon for this but I will update it in time!  again I feel this stories also has the potential to grow arms and lets with a ‘My Daddy is…’, ‘My Granny is…’ but i’ll need a bit more thinking time.

Anyway, here it is.  My Mummy is Magic. Enjoy x

My Mummy is Magic 

My Mummy is magic,

I bet yours is too,

There are lots of great things,

That Mummies can do.

She has two sets of eyes,

To always watch me,

Some eyes hidden,

But she can still see.

When her back is turned,

She uses those eyes,

To know what I’m doing,

So I can’t tell her lies.

Nothing escapes her,

She’s quite clever you see,

My Mummy is magic,

I’m sure you’ll agree.

I’ve had bumps and bruises,

But they’re not what they seem,

When Mummy brings out,

Her invisible cream.

Making it better,

In the blink of an eye,

Using her magic,

There’s no need to cry.

She can do anything,

She’s as kind as can be,

My Mummy is magic,

I’m sure you’ll agree.

Whenever we are out,

She’s got it all covered,

Anything that you need,

Can soon be discovered.

Because out of her handbag,

Comes all that you need,

A snack, a giraffe,

A small book you can read.

A pen,

And some paper,

Some pins and wipes too,

Sometimes she just magic’s things out of the blue.

An incredible feat,

She’s quite something you see,

My Mummy is magic,

I’m sure you’ll agree.

You should see her arms,

They just seem to grow,

Helping her catch,

And helping her throw.

Juggling, balancing,

Doing it all,

Using those arms,

To catch when I fall.

She’s like a superhero,

She’s invincible you see,

My Mummy is magic,

I’m sure you’ll agree.

My Mummy is clever,

The stuff that she knows,

An answer for everything,

All questions I pose.

She must have a brain,

That’s double in size,

Or some magic power,

That makes her so wise.

Whatever it is,

It’s clear to see,

That my Mummy is Magic,

I’m sure you’ll agree.

She knows what I’m thinking,

She goes inside my mind,

She can tell when my thoughts,

Are sad or unkind.

Asking what’s wrong,

Then working it out,

So that I don’t need to tell her

What I’m sad about.

She just gives me that hug,

(It’s magic too,)

Making me better

When I’m feeling blue

A mind-reader maybe,

But it’s as plain as can be,

My Mummy is magic,

I’m sure you’ll agree.

She has incredible friends

Who are magic too,

Santa and the tooth fairy,

Are just naming a few.

They don’t chat that often,

But, urgh, when they do,

She lets them all know,

What I’ve been up to.

Magical friends,

To invite round for tea,

My Mummy is magic

I’m sure you’ll agree.

She can dance,

She can sing,

She can do anything.

She can draw,

She can saw.

She can mend,

She can bend.

Bake a cake,

Fix a break.

There is no mistake,

There’s NOTHING she can’t make.

She’ll do it all,

Not a problem you see,

My Mummy is magic,

I’m sure you’ll agree.

A master,

With a plaster,

At every disaster.

Whenever you need her,

There she’ll appear,

With a hug or a kiss,

Or wise word in your ear.

Even when I think,

She’s isn’t around,

She’ll appear and then leave,
Without making a sound.

A spell for everything,

But how can that be?

It, because of the magic,

I’m sure you’ll agree.

A witch or a wizard

I’m sure she can’t be,

She’s simply my Mummy,

And she’s magic to me.