I have been wanting to upload this for ages but have been attempting to wait until it is perfect.  I have now come to the conclusion that it is not going to be perfect and I just need to get on with it.  Needless to say, my daughter and I have created every single image for this story.  Unfortunately I am not going to share them all with you but you’ll get the general gist!  I had also started to edit them but also came to the conclusion that it’s not necessary and if anything it adds to the authenticity of the work…or something like that!  So here it is, The Magician with Magical Hands, written by Corrina Campbell and illustrated by Jessie Campbell (aged two).

The Magician with Magical Hands

 There once was a magician,

With magical hands,

Who could conjure up animals,

From faraway lands.

With a swish and a swoosh

And a ding-a-ling-dong

Animals would appear

And then they’d be gone.

A little brown dog,

A cute furry cat.


A slow moving snail,

A scary black bat.

A lion with mane,

Gold like the sun.

A beautiful grey elephant,

That weighed near a ton.

A giraffe so tall,

His head touched the sky.

A pretty pink butterfly,

Fluttering by.


A fish from the ocean,

Just swimming around.

A very shy spider,

Not making a sound.

A cuddly koala,

Clutching a tree.

A monkey swinging

And shouting, “yippie!”


A black and white zebra,

An eagle, a duck.

A magical unicorn,

Bringing you luck.

Then finally,

Deciding to conjure one more,

A gigantic green dinosaur,

With deafening ROOOOAAAARRRR!

Sometimes the magic,

Was in toes and feet too,

And things would appear,

Right out of the blue!

A digger,

A tractor,


A rocket for space,


Just smoke in its place.

Nothing was impossible,

The magic was unstoppable.

The magician was powerful,

The magician was great,

The magician used magic,

To inspire and create.

Investigating, exploring,

What magic could do,

Encouraging everyone

To make magic too.

But magicians don’t share magic?

Yes, this is true,

But the magical magician

Is actually you.