One glass of wine and a laptop later….

The Prune Aboot Toon

The prune aboot toon

Was all purple and broon,

And wherever he went

He sang a wee tune.

“I am a prune

The prune aboot toon

One day I am going

Tae fly tae the moon.”

The prune aboot toon

Always dreamt of the moon

He wanted tae go there

He wanted tae soon.

But it wasnae that easy

Tae get tae the moon.

And aw the prunes said

That he was a loon.

“He’s crazy that prune

That prune aboot toon

He’ll never not ever

Get tae the moon.”

But that afternoon

The prune aboot toon

Hatched a great plan

Tae fly tae the moon.

He needed a spoon

A harpoon and balloon

And with help from his pet

(who was a racoon)

He worked very hard

And was finished by Noon.

He attached the spoon

Onto the harpoon

Which he planned tae then fire

Straight at the moon.

Once on route tae the moon

It was up tae the prune

Tae use the balloon

To make the spoon zoooom!

“I am a prune

The prune aboot toon”

(went his wee tune)

And tomorrow I am going tae fly tae the moon.”

News travelled fast

All aboot toon

The prune was planning tae

Fly tae the moon!

“That loon, that goon

Why is a prune

Planning tae fly

Tae space on a spoon?”

But the prune aboot toon

Did not feel too doon

“I’ll be the first ever

Prune on the moon.”

So the very next day

Just after Noon

The prune was ready

On the back of his spoon.

“Goodbye little toon”

Said the prune on the spoon.

And giving a wave

He fired the harpoon.

Travelling deed fast

Oar land an’ lagoon

And once in the air

He released the balloon

All of a sudden there was a loud


As the Prune on the spoon

Shot straight at the moon.

The prune went so fast

He shot right past the moon

And ended up landing

On the planet Neptune.

Moon or Neptune

The prune gave a swoon

“I am the first ever

Prune on the moon!”

But he celebrated all

A little too soon

As he wasnae alone

On the planet Neptune

“Alieens!” cried the prune.

(they were also quite broon)

“I know what tae do

I’ll sing them a tune!”

So the prune aboot toon

Who arrived on a spoon

Plucked up the courage

To sing them a tune.

“I am a prune

The prune aboot toon

I was trying to fly

On a spoon to the moon.”

“But I let out the balloon

A little too soon

And ended up here

On the planet Neptune.”

The aliens squealed

“A prune, a prune”

And they ate him all up

And left only the spoon.

So if you’re a prune

A prune aboot toon

And you decide one day

Tae fly tae the moon

Build a rocket.