Since the arrival of our daughter my husband seems to have found his inner-child (on second thoughts not sure he ever lost it!)  If he isn’t playing with her toys, he’s eating her food or pinching her juice.  Some clear favourites are Pom Bears, Petit Filous, BabyBel and he loves to watch Trolls.

…although eating an Ella’s pouch was a low in Daddy World.  Definitely not as good as they look, ha ha!

I previously wrote a nice wee-ditty about “Mummy’ so I guess this is the follow-up ‘Daddy’ version.  It’s slightly shorter than I’d like so if you have anything to add that you know Daddies like to pinch let me know!  🙂

Daddy, this is my story…


Daddy, that’s my Humous

 Daddy, that’s my humous

Daddy, that’s my cheese

Daddy, that’s my juice

Can I hear a ‘please’?


Daddy, that’s my favourite ball

Daddy, that’s my chair

Daddy that’s my water pistol

You’re spraying everywhere!


Daddy, that’s my ice cream

Daddy, that’s my cone

Daddy, they’re my sprinkles

Go and get your own!


Daddy, that’s my hairbrush

Daddy, that’s my pen

Daddy that’s my paper

You want to use again!


Daddy that’s my biscuit

Daddy, that’s my cake

Daddy, that’s my favourite snack

Oh for goodness sake!


Daddy that’s my fork

Daddy that’s my spoon

Daddy that’s my pasta

You’ll get your dinner soon!


Daddy that’s my bike

Daddy that’s my cap

Daddy that’s my football goals

Please now give them back?


Daddy that’s my toothbrush

And that is my shampoo

Daddy’s those are my bath toys

They are not meant for you!


Daddy, that’s my blanket

And Daddy, that’s my bed…

But with that grin I’ll cuddle in

And share with you instead.