So, I have been thinking about mental health a lot recently.

Mainly because I have a daughter, which means I over-think E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G, and partially because I’ve seen friends, family, and at points myself, battle with mental health.

I’m a firm believer in the influential role of the early years in shaping adults for the future and so I have decided to write a series (yikes…a series!?) of books to encourage young children to identify and talk about their emotions in the hope that, one day, they will feel confident to speak to someone when they feel an emotion that is strong or impacting on them negatively.

I have based the series, and the emotions (known as EMOs!), on Robert Pultchik’s theory on emotions.  To summarise there are 8 but each within a spectrum.  See below…


If you are interested in finding out more click here.  I don’t want to bore you with the science bit!

The series will include the 8 emotions as creatures, each with their own story to tell, and an introduction (see below) which will also either be a story or a song…if I can think of a chorus and a tune!  I am hoping that once the series is complete it can be used in classrooms and nurseries to support teachers and children in talking about and discussing their emotions.  Would appreciate any feedback on this as I will be working on the series over the next few months and direction of this idea is still up for discussion!

So sit back, relax and meet your emotions, otherwise known as your EMOs…

Own your Emotions

There are lots of things inside your body

From your head down to your toes

But there are other things you cannot see

We call them our EMOs!

They’re little quiet creatures

That come from deep inside

It’s important that you spot them

And that you don’t let them hide.

They’re really our emotions

And knowing them is wise

For if you do not spot them

They’ll catch you by surprise

Sometimes when you can feel them

You won’t know what to do

But you don’t need to worry

Because they all belong to you.

All you have to do is spot them

And recognise they’re there

Everybody has their own EMOs

It’s something we all share.

And here they are to meet you

There are 8 that you should know

Out they come, one by one

They’ve come to say ‘Hello!’

The yellow EMO is called HAPPY

Just look at that big smile

Bubby and bright, a cheery sight

Let’s hope she stays a while.

The green EMO is known as TRUST

He’s often hard to spot

But when you really need someone

You’ll feel him quite a lot.

The dark green EMO is called FEAR

She doesn’t stay for long

But when you’re scared or unprepared

She can feel very strong.

The purple EMO is SURPRISE

He may jump out on you

When you’re not aware or didn’t care

He’ll appear and shout out ‘BOO!’

The pink EMO is called DISGUST

She can start very small

But the more you care you’ll feel her there

Growing big and tall.

The blue EMO is known as SAD

She often brings on tears

She hangs about and brings on doubt

Until the feeling clears.

The red EMO, you’ll probably know

ANGER is his name

He’s easy to spot, firey and hot

And difficult to tame.

The orange EMO has a big long name

He’s a really great creation

Bringing excitement and some nerves


So now you’ve met them

Don’t forget them

Remember they there

Waiting for the perfect chance

To come out of their lair.

So if you’re feeling full of joy

Or even sad and blue

Just think “Which EMO could this be?”

And you’ll know just what to do.