I have been digging through my old notebooks recently to have a look at some of the stories I have started but never finished (there are quite a few!).

‘A Dog Named Kai’ was started in February 2015 when a story hit the press about a dog being left at the train station with a suitcase.  Click here to read the article.

At the time I had been focussing my writing around ethical stories – basically stories that had a ’cause’ attached.  The initial idea stemmed from  ‘I Love Birthdays’ with the hope that one day, if the book were to ever be published, the proceeds would go to Kwa Njenga Primary School in Kenya.  Similarly this story, ‘A Dog Named Kai’, was written with the similar aim of supporting a cause but in this instance the SSPCA (The Scottish Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals).
Enjoy the troublesome yet true story of Kai…


There once was a dog

A dog named ‘Kai’

He was the best kind of dog

That money could buy.


Loving and friendly

He could do it all

He’d sit very still

Or go fetch a ball.


“Look at me!” he would cry

“I can chase my own tail

But when I get close

To catch it I fail.”


And that’s when he was no longer for sale.


A new home and new owner

He just could not wait.

Arriving at last

He ran through the gate.


He looked at his owner

And gave a loud bark

And then played in the garden

Until it was dark.


“Look at me!” he would cry

“I can play dead

I can roll on my back

And sleep in my bed.”


And with that he received a pat on the head.


That night he was scared

No one was there

Alone in the dark

Why didn’t they care?


He scratched and he whimpered

When at last he saw light

But all that he heard was

“Be quiet, GOODNIGHT!”


“Look at me!” he would cry

I just want to play

To cuddle with you

Till the dark goes away.


But he didn’t see anyone until the next day.


Finally the morning

Not sure what to do

He was still locked inside

But he needed a poo!


He looked and he scratched

But no where to go

He cried and he barked

To let someone know.


“Look at me!” he would cry.

As he rattled door

But then it just happened

Right there on the floor.


They don’t seem to love me as much any more.


The very next day

He set out to impress

He did lots of tricks

To make up for his mess.


He’d sit and he’d listen

He’d do all he was told

He’d follow his owner

And be good as gold.


“Look at me!” he would cry

“Aren’t I the best?

Give me a challenge

Just give me a test!”


But his owner just sat there and shouted, “YOU PEST!”


Left out in the garden

All on his own

He longed for some food

Or a tasty beef bone.


He didn’t know where

His owner had gone

He hoped that he wouldn’t

Be gone very long.


“Look at me!” he would cry

But no one replied

Nothing worked

No matter how hard he tried.


And that night in his bed he cried and he cried.

Finally he woke

And went out to the park

He was so excited

He started to bark!


He pulled on his lead

Wanting to run

He wanted to play

And go and have fun.


“Look at me!” he would cry

“Please throw me a stick

I’ll fetch it right back

And give you a lick!”


But all that he got was a very hard kick.


He was so confused

What had he done wrong?
It felt like his owner

Just wanted him gone.


“Oh dear” thought Kai

Feeling quite sad

I just want to play

I don’t mean to be bad.


He fetched a stick

He chased after a ball

He sat really beautifully

Not moving at all.


He held out his paw

He begged for a treat

He stayed on this lead

And walked down the street.


He licked and he smiled

He did all that he could

He sat and behaved

Like a good doggy should.


“Look at me!” he would cry

As he jumped over a log

“Or if you would rather

We could go for a jog?”


But the only response was….”I’m done with you dog.”


“Oh no” thought Kai

“What can I do?”

“ I’ve really done everything

To try and please you.”


“I feel I’m not wanted

I don’t really know why,”

And with that he let out

A really big sigh…


“Look at me?” He tried

As he lay not he floor

“Nobody loves me

Not any more.”


And with that all he heard was, “Just go, there’s the door…”


Packing a suitcase

With all that he had

(His owner ignored him

And seemed rather glad.)


“I’m leaving,” he barked.

But he got no reply.

Then finally an answer…

“Good riddance, goodbye.”


And with that Kai left with a tear in his eye.


He strolled down the street

Not sure where to go

He felt the rain falling

He felt the wind blow.


Turning a corner

He looked all around

He pricked up his ears

And heard a strange sound…


“A train!” he barked.

“That’s where I should head

The train station might have

Some food and a bed?”


Straight down the steps

He arrived at the station

He looked all about

With great trepidation.


The station was busy

He sat by a chair

He looked for an owner

Just someone who’d care.


He put out a paw

He’d sit and he’d stay.

He heard a man saying,

“Aw look, it’s a stray!”


Then suddenly a man from the SSPCA.

(*The Scottish Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals)


In the back of a van

With food and a bone

A man with kind eyes

He was no longer alone.


Finally arriving

He got a long walk

They gave him a bath

They sat down to talk.


“Look at me,” he cried

“I can ran really fast!”

They threw him a ball

He was happy at last.


With food in his belly

A soft place to sleep

He arranged all his blankets

And collapsed in a heap.


But just as he dosed

There came a loud cry

“You’re in the paper

Look, it’s you Kai!”


“Me?” he thought. “Really – but why?”


But there was his photo

Suitcase and all


And a number to call.


Kai jumped up excited

He ran round and round

He ran and he danced

He rolled on the ground.


But then he stopped

“Will they know I need space?”

“Will they take me for walks?”

“Throw a ball I can chase?”


“Don’t worry,” said the man.

“We know what to do

We’ll find you a family

That’s perfect for you.”


And sure enough

The very next day

A family came

And took Kai away.


They took him for walks.

They threw him a ball.

He’d run and he’d chase

And come back when they call.


Happy at last

They all played together

Kai and his family

Together forever.