Hello!  First of all, thank you for taking the time to explore my website, it is a working progress but it’s mine and I love it.

The main purpose of my website is to help me focus on finishing my work.  You’d think that finishing a piece of work would be easy – yet this is my biggest challenge.  I have an unbelievable number of ideas in my head, genuinely at least one ever day!  Some make it to a title, a note or even a couple of sentences but most stop there.  There are several reasons for this;

  • My job.  (Writing is not my living, it is my escape)
  • My daughter. (She’s great but she needs me – most of the time!)
  • My life. (The usual things that get in the way blah blah blah)

Truth be told all of these are excuses but it feels good to write them down and recognise them for what they actually are.

So who am I?  In this context I am a brand spanking, not yet published, completely fresh and shiny new children’s author and illustrator – yay!

(*Gulp…..don’t tell anyone.)

Now that I have got that out of the way here is how I have come to this point…

If there was one word more people would use to describe me it would be creative… along with messy, loud and maybe annoying!?  From pictures to art work, music and songs, dancing and drama.  I’ve always dabbled in a bit of everything so deciding that I could still draw, sing, dance, write, paint, run, jump, cut as a teacher that seemed the best option when leaving school…you can get way with a lot when working with children.


For some reason I never really thought ‘teaching’ would be my stop point.

But four years of being a skint student meant that the lure of a salary was too hard to resist so I became ‘Miss Sim’ and dabbled in Upper Primary right the way down to Nursery.  While I was probably viewed by many as a bit ‘all over the place’, this experience gave me a much deeper understanding of the journey children take in their Primary Years and a fundamental belief in the importance of childhood, specifically the Early Years.

I am in the hugely privileged position of now being able to see children through the eyes of an educator, as well as a parent.  As a working mum and as someone who regularly sees children in childcare situations I believe that adult interactions with children are vitally important.  

Parents, family, childcare providers, brother, sisters all play a role in influencing and shaping young children and in a busy world these interactions can be short lived and challenging.  This is where I believe books play an important role.

Books offer a place to escape, a platform to think and an opportunity to discover.

They open the door to endless creative possibilities – and that’s exactly what has brought me to this point….it’s just time to get it all on paper!