The Spider Who Spoke

A few weeks ago my daughter had been out on her bike and on removing her helmet we found the largest spider EVER.   I am ashamed to say I am a spider killer.  I've squashed them, flushed them and... Continue Reading →


The Baby who Loved to Sleep

It's almost three years ago to the day that I became 'Mummy' and I was lucky to have a lovely group of Mums (miss you guys) to hang out with.  We regularly discussed the highs and the lows, the tears... Continue Reading →

A Dog Named Kai

I have been digging through my old notebooks recently to have a look at some of the stories I have started but never finished (there are quite a few!). 'A Dog Named Kai' was started in February 2015 when a... Continue Reading →

Own your Emotions – meet the EMOs!

So, I have been thinking about mental health a lot recently. Mainly because I have a daughter, which means I over-think E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G, and partially because I've seen friends, family, and at points myself, battle with mental health. I'm a firm... Continue Reading →

Daddy, that’s my Humous!

Since the arrival of our daughter my husband seems to have found his inner-child (on second thoughts not sure he ever lost it!)  If he isn't playing with her toys, he's eating her food or pinching her juice.  Some clear... Continue Reading →

Alma and the Broken Bone

I am happy to admit, this is not my best effort.  Yet, strangely, I really enjoyed writing this - I didn't think too hard about it, I didn't focus on it making complete sense and I didn't think about any... Continue Reading →

What Colour is the Sky?

I get asked a lot of questions on a daily basis by my two year old and this is just one of them - What Colour is the Sky?.  What I love about the sky is the incredible different colours... Continue Reading →

Colour Collective

I'm not a big social media fan but I am a big Twitter fan.  I like it because I feel it encourages creative community.  I'm not 'friends' with anyone, I don't share my dinner or my life, although I do... Continue Reading →

Strudel Poodle and Betty Cat

I'm excited about this idea...I get excited about most things, but this is one of those ideas that keeps you up at night and gives you 'the feeling'. I'm sure some of you will know what I mean and the... Continue Reading →

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