This week I published my first book.  While you would expecting me to be tap dancing on tables at this exciting new development, as with everything I do/say, I am over exaggerating ever so slightly.

Take two – this week I have self-published my first book.  That is probably a more accurate statement.  However, I am still not dancing on tables yet (note the growth mindset).  My self-publication is not entirely what you would expect.  It involved digging out my buried laminator from teaching days, pinching crayons from my 2 year old (she doesn’t use them, she just ‘peels’ them) and delighting in the brilliance of a long armed stapler.   To summarise, I basically created a book from start to finish.  The words, the pictures, the front cover – even a short dedication at the front.

img_1680                           img_1683

While I was pleased with he final outcome I am even more pleased at the desire this has now instilled in me to actually publish a book.  One that has proper illustrations  (is there such a thing!?) rather than stick-doodles, one that has a shiny ‘I am published’ cover and certainly one that has the potential to have more than one person read it.

Even if I don’t get that ‘published’ book it actually doesn’t matter because I enjoy writing.  I like creating, inventing and making the impossible (shopping for a bone) possible.  Even if not for me then for others – like Alma.




Another year, another card.  I love making cards – feet and paint is not usually a recognised combo but anything goes for me..and when they are usually only sent to relatives anything grandchild-related always works a trick!  A true Campbell team effort, simple yet effective use of feet and fingers.  Idea pinched from Pinterest so credit to the original idea genius.

While I have clearly used my time wisely to print with feet and doodle Christmas characters the holidays are also the ideal opportunity to get down to some creative thought…otherwise known as attempting to write something.  Incredibly, when working, I moan about a lack of time, and yet when now given the additional precious hours I appear to find innovative ways in using them that ultimately do not involve writing.  However, last night the opportunity arose for 1 hour of peace – yes, sometimes that is all I get.  This is not a normal occurrence but I am proud to say that I actually bashed out a whole story and used those precious minutes to create something with words.  Given this was wine fuelled and Christmas spirit induced, this recent addition to my collection of tales has a certain bonkersness to it which I, in sober hindsight, quite like.

While attempting to load this new gem onto my site I became distracted by the generally terrible appearance of what I call ‘My Page’.  This has unfortunately lead to distraction, various tweaks, crashes and finally to here where I have decided to add a NEWS section.  Clearly given my extensive number of followers (none) I thought it would be best use of time to update you all on my wonderfully boring yet ultimately brilliant life.  I’ll try an keep the best bits for here – starting with the Christmas Card feet – TAH DAH.

Until next time friends…