What Colour is the Sky?

I get asked a lot of questions on a daily basis by my two year old and this is just one of them - What Colour is the Sky?.  What I love about the sky is the incredible different colours... Continue Reading →


I Love Birthdays

Sharing this story with you brings back mixed emotions.  In 2012 I travelled to Kenya with Mary's Meals and my husbands charity One Feeds Two (, at that time known as The Elephant Juice Soup Company.  In 2010 my husband... Continue Reading →

Messy Jessie and the Best Dress

I absolutely loved writing this!  My Jessie is renowned for being messy and I am a real advocate for messy play.  However, I have recently been faced with the parenting challenge of dressing her appropriately for activities.  Needless to say... Continue Reading →

The Magician with Magical Hands

I have been wanting to upload this for ages but have been attempting to wait until it is perfect.  I have now come to the conclusion that it is not going to be perfect and I just need to get... Continue Reading →

The Prune Aboot Toon

One glass of wine and a laptop later.... The Prune Aboot Toon The prune aboot toon Was all purple and broon, And wherever he went He sang a wee tune. “I am a prune The prune aboot toon One day... Continue Reading →

My Mummy is Magic

I still feel this is in draft format, but I am keen to get it online and share the magic. This idea randomly came from a banking advert where it portrayed 'Mummy' as magic.  If i remember right the grand... Continue Reading →

Protected: Being Mum, Being Me.

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Meet Messy Jessie

Messy Jessie....This has been in my head for about 2 years and FINALLY I have it on (digital) paper.  Phew! It doesn't take a genius to work out where my inspiration has come for this. Yes, her name is Jessie... Continue Reading →

Colour Collective

I'm not a big social media fan but I am a big Twitter fan.  I like it because I feel it encourages creative community.  I'm not 'friends' with anyone, I don't share my dinner or my life, although I do... Continue Reading →

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