I’m not a big social media fan but I am a big Twitter fan. I like it because I feel it encourages creative community. I’m not ‘friends’ with anyone, I don’t share my dinner or my life, although I do share the occasional moan! However, everyone I tweet has a common interest in writing or illustration which makes it a fascinating place to be. (I am not sure when it became a place…this is something I will attempt to draw later!)

I recently discovered @colour_collective on Twitter. It sets a colour on a weekly basis which artists/illustrators use as inspiration for their work which is then shared. This has been great for me. Truth be told I’m more a writer than illustrator so this is an area I need to explore further. Colour Collective encourages me to do this. I also have no ‘style’ when drawing.

I go from Disney…


To Quentin Blake…

To cartoonist…


To Mhairi Hedderwick…kind of….

To something in between which I think is me…


But I’m still searching!
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